Classroom Management

Chelonnda Seroyer 女士 讲述了她使用“THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL: How to Be an Effective Teacher” 一书后,将自己的课堂变成了一个高效的有组织的学习环境,通过讲述她在教学和职业发展过程中的点点滴滴为其他教师提供了如何成长为一名成功教师的途径。
PowerPoint presentation and video on the DVD

Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom

Developed by Global Village Academy, "Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom" is a 5 part video series developed to help immersion teachers understand the concept of comprehensible input and to enable teachers to make input comprehensible to students. Although developed with the immersion classroom in mind, teachers in other types of language programs will find the concepts and strategies applicable to their settings as well. Please click on the link below to view the series: